3 creative ways to give a French Bulldog puppy at no extra cost

If you have a loved one who’s been wanting a puppy, the Christmas season is a perfect time to surprise them with an addition to your family. Because of the French Bulldog puppy cost, you’ve likely been planning on this addition for some time and your family is likely expecting a French Bulldog puppy. However, it’s fun to find creative ways to present this gift on Christmas morning and build the surprise. At Royal Empire French Bulldogs, we’ve come up with three ways that you can give the gift of a French Bulldog and maintain the surprise that comes with gift-giving.

Wrap dog care items

When giving a puppy as a gift, it’s common to keep the dog in a crate or box in another room before the big reveal. If you’re going to keep the puppy in another room, wrap up the collar and let your loved one open it. This can be especially fun if you put the collar in a box that’s shaped like jewelry.

You can also stretch out the surprise by wrapping other items. In addition to wrapping a collar, put other toys and accessories your puppy will need in boxes or wrapping to build up the excitement to the big moment. Eventually, as your loved one continues unwrapping things like a box of milk bones, a leash, dishes, and various toys, they’ll start to catch on to what’s coming next.

Send them on a scavenger hunt

Another way to build the excitement is to take your loved ones on a scavenger hunt that leads to the puppy. You can leave your pup in its crate in the garage (make sure it’s not too hot or cold out there) or laundry room and hide clues throughout the house. We don’t recommend making the clues too difficult so your loved one can get to the end goal in a timely manner.

No matter how long the scavenger hunt is, make sure the puppy has enough food and water to last the duration of the hunt.

Run an errand

If you don’t have a place to hide the puppy, you can always bring your loved one to the breeder to pick it up. Keep the surprise alive by saying something like, “We just need to run some errands.” This works even if it happens to be Christmas morning. Is your loved one unenthusiastic about getting in the car on a holiday? Go without them. You can pick up the puppy yourself then come home with a special surprise that wasn’t at all expected to be part of the trip.

Give AKC registered French Bulldogs

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Don’t just give any breed of pup to your loved ones this year. Give the gift of a French Bulldogs. These adorable little puppies make great companions that thrive with human contact. They’re also good with kids and other animals. Royal Empire French Bulldogs is an AKC registered breeder of French Bulldogs and we make a concerted effort to treat each of our Frenchies like royalty.

3 creative ways to give a French Bulldog puppy at no extra cost