3 Traits of the Best Blue French Bulldog Breeders

The Blue French Bulldog is one of the rarest colors of Frenchies. Because of this, blue Frenchie puppies are typically more expensive, and have a longer waiting list to adopt them. Here’s how you can find the best blue French Bulldog breeders.

What to Know About Blue Frenchies

While the color of their coat more closely resembles gray or silver than blue, they are striking, beautiful, and adorable dogs nonetheless! They get their blue appearance from a mutation in the melanophilin gene. This mutation causes pigments that originally were supposed to be black, to appear “blue.” This is also called a dilution gene.

Although blue Frenchies can expect the same kind of genetic health problems non-blue Frenchies are prone to, they’re also particularly prone to a condition called “color dilution alopecia” (or CDA). CDA is a hereditary skin disease that results in dry, flaky, and itchy skin, as well as hair thinning and loss. CDA onsets between 6 months and 2-3 years of age. While there is no cure, color dilution alopecia symptoms can be managed with vitamin supplements, dietary changes, and moisturizers.

Symptoms of CDA include:

  • Thinner hair
  • Hair loss that can progressively get worse
  • Dry or dull coat
  • Hyperpigmentation

3 Signs of a Reputable Blue French Bulldog Breeder

Finding a reputable French Bulldog breeder for your Blue Frenchie puppy is crucial. Not every breeder has the same level of experience, expertise, or love for the breed. And, unfortunately, since Frenchies are already an expensive dog breed, puppy mills aren’t uncommon. Frenchies from non-reputable breeders are much more likely to have health problems, as well as be improperly socialized and trained.

When you’re looking for your blue French Bulldog, look to these signs as a good indicator of a reputable breeder.

1. Waiting Lists and High Prices

The best blue French Bulldog breeders are very likely to have waiting lists or high prices. That’s because high-quality breeders won’t have multiple litters of puppies at the same time. Good, experienced breeders understand the importance of individualized, personal attention for each of their puppies. Reputable breeders also keep the health of the puppy’s parents a priority.

While Frenchies already have the potential to be an expensive breed to adopt, higher prices are an indicator that the breeder is thorough in the care and attention they provide. High prices are also the result of extensive health tests and veterinary appointments when the puppy is young.

Most commonly, you can expect to pay an initial deposit with a breeder once you’ve found one that’s trustworthy.

2. Contract and Documentation

A written contract is a good sign that the breeder is dedicated to the health of their Frenchies. A breeder should provide you with documentation like a guarantee of health that discloses information about the possible health problems a Frenchie could experience. The contract should also detail conditions about refund policies and owner expectations.

If you are not given a contract and guarantee of health from a breeder, this is a sign of a breeder to avoid.

3. A Commitment to the Breed

A breeder’s commitment to the breed itself is the biggest sign of a great blue French Bulldog breeder. For example, breeders reserve the right to refuse someone the opportunity to adopt their puppies if they believe that the health of the puppy would be put at risk.

Royal Empire French Bulldogs: Best SoCal Breeders of Blue Frenchies

If you’re looking to adopt a blue Frenchie, reach out to us at Royal Empire French Bulldogs for more information on our planned litters, the health of our puppies, and our breeding process.

We’re also happy to provide health tests for our dogs, and let you visit our dams and sires in person!

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