5 benefits of spending a little more for a French bulldog champion bloodline

Anytime you’re buying something, it doesn’t matter if it’s a new TV, a car, or a dog, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best of what’s available for the price that you’re paying. Additionally, there’s an understanding that you’re going to get what you pay for. For instance, luxury vehicles cost more than those that aren’t because they come with more features and are often considered to be made at a high standard. The same goes for dogs. If you’re looking to buy from a French bulldog champion bloodline, you’re going to pay more than what is typical. At Royal Empire French Bulldogs, we have some benefits that come with paying a little extra for these pups.

You have knowledge of the pedigree

For any animal to qualify to be a champion, the pedigree must be made well known and made available. As a buyer, this gives you the history of the dog’s pedigree. You’ll get to see more about what the dog’s bloodline brings in the way of health history, previous medical conditions, and temperament. While most breeders should be providing you with this information, to begin with, a dog that’s sold with a champion bloodline is required to provide this information. You get to know exactly where your dog is coming from and can take comfort in knowing that it’s not the result of the neighbor’s dog getting out and wandering into the breeder’s yard.

You know which traits will be inherited

We all have a picture of what our perfect dog looks like. Not only physically, but in the way that it acts as well. You can see what traits have been passed down through generations with a champion bloodline. This allows you to make an educated decision about whether or not the pups from a specific litter are right for you or if you should wait until another one comes around.

You get a vast health history

As we mentioned previously, you get the pedigree records of your French bulldog puppy when you buy from a champion bloodline. This will give a vast and complete medical history of the bloodline. You can take into consideration if any unique health problems might be passed down through the bloodline. However, it’s important to keep in mind that champion bloodlines are often considered some of the healthiest as they’re most often free of genetic defects that can be passed from generation to generation.

There’s potential for you to show your dog

If you’re looking for a French bulldog to enter into shows, it’s best to start with a champion bloodline because you know the dogs of previous generations have already met the breed standard. These dogs have been health tested and are considered to be some of the highest quality in their breed. However, it’s important to keep in mind that buying from a champion bloodline does not guarantee that you’ll get a show dog, it simply increases the odds that you will.

You can get a dog with a good temperament

While not all show dogs are going to be mild-mannered and stoic, they are likely to be adaptable and good with people. Show dogs are often handled by multiple people and are used to meeting strangers. Temperament is a trait that is passed down through the generations and you can be confident that you’re getting a French bulldog with a good temperament when you buy from a French bulldog champion bloodline.

Contact us to learn more about our Frenchies with champion bloodlines

At Royal Empire French Bulldogs, we offer French bulldog champion bloodlines so you can be confident that you’re bringing home a healthy pup with a strong bloodline. Please feel free to reach out to our staff if you’d like to get more information about our French bulldog champion bloodlines. We specialize in healthy French bulldogs and want to provide you with the best.

5 benefits of spending a little more for a French bulldog champion bloodline