5 fun facts about Royal Empire French Bulldog puppies

If you’re looking for French bulldog puppies near Los Angeles, you’ve come to the right place. Royal Empire French Bulldogs is a trusted breeder of AKC registered Frenchies in the Jurupa Valley area of Southern California.

Why is Royal Empire French Bulldogs a leading breeder? Our puppies are happy, healthy, and will bring joy to your family for years to come. Here’s what makes our puppies so special:

1. They love children and other dogs

If you’ve considered buying French bulldog puppies in Los Angeles, it’s important to choose a breeder that properly socializes their dogs. When puppies aren’t socialized, this can lead to behavioral problems later in life. Unsocialized puppies are prone to biting other dogs and children as they grow older.

At Royal Empire French Bulldogs, we begin socializing puppies on the day they’re born. They receive plenty of cuddles from our team to get them used to being around people. We then socialize them with children, adult dogs, and other animals. This helps our puppies thrive when they’re ready to meet their new family.

2. They’re healthy and don't have breathing problems

French bulldogs are prone to developing breathing problems. This issue is often the result of improper breeding practices. Our team is committed to breeding happy, healthy puppies, which is why we conduct thorough DNA tests on all our male and female breeding dogs.

We also use European French bulldogs from champion bloodlines, allowing us to introduce the most favorable characteristics while reducing known faults in the breed. This approach ensures our puppies have the best true-to-type characteristics, and are free of breathing problems that can reduce quality of life.

In addition to improving the breed, our team also makes sure that all puppies are dewormed and fully vaccinated before they meet their new owners.

3. Our puppies come with a 2-year health guarantee

Although we do our best to only breed the healthiest puppies, sometimes, genetic illnesses can appear unexpectedly. All of our puppies come with a 2-year health guarantee, which covers genetic illnesses.

4. Your new puppy can be flown directly to you

If you’re looking for French bulldog puppies, but you don’t live in Los Angeles or Southern California, we can still help you find a new furry friend. We offer ground transportation via car or van, and we can even have your puppy flown to the nearest airport. With this option, the puppy will travel safely in the cabin with a chaperone.

5. Each puppy is AKC and FCI registered

Using breeding dogs who come from champion bloodlines in Europe, our team breeds French bulldog puppies that are fully AKC and FCI registered. All of our puppies are also sent to their new homes with proof of breed club registration.

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Have you been searching for French bulldog puppies near Los Angeles? Royal Empire French Bulldogs would love to help. We are based in Jurupa Valley, CA, and we’ve been a trusted choice for AKC registered puppies for over 15 years.

Contact us today to meet your new furry friend.

5 fun facts about french bulldog puppies from los angeles breeder