5 tips for a new French Bulldog puppy owner

Anytime you make a new addition to your family, there’s a lot of preparation that needs to be done before the big day arrives. It’s no different when you’re getting a French Bulldog puppy. To help you get ready, Royal Empire French Bulldogs has put together five tips for a new French Bulldog puppy owner.

Find a vet

Finding a veterinarian for your French Bulldog puppy is like finding a doctor for your family. It’s important to find a vet who can provide proper care for your Frenchie. Talk to friends and neighbors who have dogs and get an idea of some of the things they like or don’t like about the vet they take their pets to. You can also visit a veterinary clinic to meet the staff and take a look at the cleanliness of the environment.

Puppy-proof your home

Puppies are explorers. They’re going to want to sniff around your home to get familiar with their new environment. Another part of this exploration is chewing, which helps to alleviate pain from incoming teeth. You can keep your new French Bulldog puppy safe by keeping objects out of reach that can be harmful. This includes small objects like decorations or trinkets that you have around your home. Make sure that power cords are safely tucked away and plants are placed out of reach. Certain plants like ivy, aloe vera, tomato plants, figs, and many flowers are toxic to dogs.

Get small food and water bowls

Your French Bulldog puppy won’t be very big when you bring it home. Keep in mind that it still won’t be very big once it’s full-grown. Additionally, French Bulldogs have a short snout, which makes it difficult for them to reach their food in the dish. This means that your Frenchie needs small food and water dishes that are also shallow in order to make it easier to reach and prevent neck pains and throat pressure.

Get a bed

Finding the right bed for your French Bulldog puppy is important. Comfort is only one piece to the puzzle because it’s important that your pup is also safe. Beds made of wicker not good ideas for new puppies because they’re a material that encourages chewing. Wicker cracks and breaks easily as dogs chew on it, which can lead to your puppy choking on wicker fragments or even swallowing them, which can lead to internal injuries. Plastic beds are another material that can be harmful if chewed because they can also crack and break leading to choking or swallowing. Find a soft washable bed that will be a comfortable place to sleep or rest.

Get a harness

You’ll need to have a leash for your Frenchie, but collars can be problematic for small dogs. French Bulldogs have a small windpipe that can be injured if a leash is pulling on a collar. They are also sensitive to getting herniated discs in the neck. A harness is a great way to leash your puppy without causing potential harm because they distribute pressure from a leash.

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5 tips for a new French Bulldog puppy owner