7 Fun Facts About Your French Bulldog Puppy

Thinking of adopting a French Bulldog puppy? Already a proud owner? These little puppies are full of surprises. Aside from being incredibly cute and shaped like a sausage, they also have complex personalities, an interesting background, and a standout reputation. Want to learn more about this special breed? Here are 7 fun facts about French Bulldogs!

1.They're Hollywood Stars

French Bulldogs are popping up more and more in movies and tv shows like Due Date and Modern Family. Their natural intelligence, friendly demeanor, and famous good looks make them a favorite to work with in Hollywood. Beloved by celebrities, Frenchies will be a fixture in the film industry for many years to come. 

2. They're Intelligent

Part of what makes Frenchies such great actors is their intelligence. They're the most intelligent of all bulldog breeds and are comfortably mid-tier when compared to all breeds. They're great learners and can pick up on rules, games, and tricks faster than most dogs. 

3. They Can't Swim

If you've met a French Bulldog puppy who could swim, you may be in the minority. Their flat faces, thick middle, and short legs don't necessarily result in a competent long-distance swimmer. Frenchies aren't built for water, so be sure to keep your eyes on them if they're near lakes, pools, rivers, bathtubs, etc.  

4. Two Styles of Ears 

Did you know that French Bulldogs have two different ear shapes? Some have the rose-shaped ears favored by English breeders, while others have the bat shape favored by American breeders. They may be different ear shapes, but we happen to think they're equally adorable. 

5. Hot and Cold Sensitive

In comparison to other dog breeds, Frenchies are more sensitive to temperature, whether it be hot or cold. This is never a real inconvenience or something to become too worried about. Ensuring that they have access to water when it's hot and to cuddles when it's cold are the two simplest solutions! Just keep your eyes out for drooling, panting, shivering, and other signs that the temperature may not be agreeing with them. 

6. They Play Well With Others

French Bulldogs are great companions. They're typically very polite, whether it be with their owner, other humans, or other pets. They're more playful than people give them credit for. They may not be physically built to race across massive fields, but they'll be the first to chase a ball once it's thrown. They may be tiny, but they love to play with their owners and other dogs.

7. Breeders Are a Must

The reality is, French Bulldogs wouldn't be thriving as a breed if not for breeders. They have difficulties in both copulating and giving birth, in part due to their body shape. Breeders are able to artificially inseminate and expertly aid these dogs when it's time to give birth. While this can result in higher costs when you go to adopt one, you can also get assurances from the breeder regarding the puppy's health. Breeders like Royal Empire French Bulldogs are here to help bring happy and healthy Frenchies into the world so they can become a beloved member of thousands of families.