Ask a Trainer: How to Register AKC Puppies

When you buy a French bulldog, you want to be sure you’re getting the best breed possible. But when you buy from some breeders, you don’t always know the heritage of the dog, let alone the conditions in which it was bred and raised. Most Frenchie owners want to know that they are buying AKC puppies, or American Kennel Club puppies.

The American Kennel Club has for 135 years been the prominent voice in registering and tracking dogs’ lineages across multiple breeds, including French bulldogs. When you find your Frenchie with Royal Empire French Bulldogs, you can rest assured that your pup’s FCI registration is fully transferable to the AKC. Here’s why that’s important.

What to expect when you buy from Royal Empire French Bulldogs

We’re dedicated to breeding the best pups possible. And that means Frenchies that are AKC-registerable. When you buy from us, you can expect that you will receive and all paperwork and information needed to transfer your pup’s registration to the AKC.

You’ll complete a portion of the paperwork and then submit to AKC. Once complete and reviewed, you will receive an AKC Registration Certificate. Most often, the waiting period to have your registration materials reviewed and certificate returned is only a matter of days.

AKC approval

The AKC offers several guidelines for finding and buying from a responsible breeder—and that’s exactly what you can expect from Royal Empire French Bulldogs. We care deeply about our dogs and pups and ensure that you receive the highest quality Frenchies available in Southern California. With more than 20 years’ experience breeding puppies, you can rest assured that you’re buying from a top-tier breeder.

But before you buy, we’re more than happy to speak over the phone or schedule an appointment to talk. The AKC recommends meeting your breeder (and pup, if possible) before making the purchase, and we’re happy to accommodate when possible.

While meeting in-person may not be possible for some of us right now, we’re happy to video chat and answer any questions you may have about your AKC-registerable pup. We’re sure that after speaking with us that you’ll see just how much we love our Frenchies, and have the peace of mind that you’re buying your pup from a responsible, caring breeder.

The information you need for your AKC registration

When you buy from us, you can be sure you’ll receive all the information you need to fully complete each field of your registration application. Once you submit and your registration information is reviewed and approved, you'll receive an official registration certificate. Your registration review will include a dog name check. The AKC recommends that your dog have a unique name, and will let you know if the name you’ve chosen is available and meets AKC requirements.

Bring home your perfect Frenchie

Whether you’re buying your first Frenchie or you fell in love years ago, registering your pup with the AKC is an important step in giving your Frenchie the best life possible. If you have any questions about registration steps, standards, or anything else about our breeds, reach out to us today.

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