Puppy Training Tips from Your California Bulldog Puppy Breeders

Cute, sassy and highly sociable, French bulldogs will bring you endless amounts of joy and happy memories. When you buy a bulldog puppy, you can expect a low-maintenance, non-aggressive animal that loves nothing more than snuggling on the couch for a nap. So, how do you look after your new best friend properly? How can you make sure they're happy and well-adjusted? Here's what bulldog puppy breeders in California think you should know about training your French bulldog puppy. 

Start With Potty Training

French bulldogs love building habits, and they adjust to new surroundings very quickly. If you don't immediately train your puppy where to go for its potty, it could easily form some bad habits. So, once you bring your puppy home, take them to the space you want them to go and wait until they relieve themselves. Don't let them make a habit of peeing inside!

Give Them a Safe Space

Although French bulldogs love a cuddle, it's also crucial that you give your puppy its own space, whether it's a crate or a doggy bed. Stay with them while they explore the space and, if you plan on leaving them in a crate overnight, practice locking them in and wait with them until they settle down.  

Introduce Them to Others

Since French bulldogs are such fun and social dogs, it's a good idea to introduce them to other family members and animals sooner rather than later. Let your dog interact with their surroundings and they'll settle into your home much faster. They enjoy being the center of attention!

Reward Them Frequently 

If there's one thing a French bulldog loves, it's making everyone happy. They're very affectionate — as a breed, they're natural people pleasers. Shower your French bulldog puppy with affection and reward them with treats or verbal praise when they do a good job. French bulldogs are great for first-time puppy owners because they are so easy to train and work with.

Short Training Lessons Work Best

French Bulldog puppies love to learn and interact, but their attention spans are not the best! Try to limit training sessions to five- or 10-minute bursts. This way, both you and your puppy will get the most out of training, and you'll teach them to sit, stay and stop in no time. Once they're a little older, you can always train them for longer if you want. 

Don't Give In to Crying

Like many puppies, these little fur babies might whine or cry when you first put them in a cage, refuse treats or give them commands. Although no one likes hearing a puppy whine, if you give in, they'll learn that all they need to do is cry to get their own way. Stay strong and it'll get easier! 

Get Your Own French Bulldog Puppy

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