How to Care for French Bulldog Puppies and Where to Get Them

No matter what breed of puppy you're welcoming into your family, it's important to know how to care for them right from the start. The intelligent and adorable French bulldog is no different. Find out where to get French bulldog puppies and how to take care of your new Frenchie's specific needs in areas such as weight, hygiene and temperature. 

How to Keep Your Frenchie Happy in Hot Weather

Unfortunately, Frenchies can be sensitive to both hot and cold temperatures. Their propensity to being overweight, stout build and wrinkly faces don't equip them for either heat waves or chilly winters. Thankfully there are several things you can do to ensure that your puppy is safe and happy in all climates. 

For hot temperatures, ensure that your Frenchie always has access to a bowl of cold water. This helps them enjoy the outside safely, but if you begin to notice excessive drooling and/or panting, they should be brought back inside, as these are both signs of heat exhaustion. Their small respiratory systems aren't particularly tolerant of cold temperatures either, so be sure to wrap them up and hold them close if you see them shivering. 

How to Keep Your Frenchie Healthy

Helping your Frenchie maintain a healthy weight will go a long way in their ability to deal with different climates. Being too overweight can make it harder for them to breathe, which makes both hot and cold temperatures harder for them to tolerate. Just make sure they don't overeat and are given the proper proportion for their size and breed. Exercise is also a necessary part of maintaining your puppy's health, so be sure to have plenty of playtime together!

How to Keep Your Frenchie Clean

Of course, it's normal for your Frenchie to be a bit overweight, and with that comes plenty of folds. Keeping those folds fresh and clean is critical to a healthy and happy puppy, especially since they're so prone to infections. Gently cleaning those folds on a weekly basis and drying them afterward will keep your Frenchie fresh and hygienic. 

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How to Care for French Bulldog Puppies and Where to Get Them