Best Places to Find French Bulldogs for Sale in California

When you’re looking for a French bulldog for sale in California, the search can quickly become overwhelming. From pet stores to rescues and the many breeders, it’s hard to know where to find the perfect companion for your family. Availability might be your primary concern when shopping for a puppy. However, other considerations will make a huge difference throughout the ten to 15-year commitment you make to a dog. Here are some reasons why it matters where you get your puppy and the top places to find French bulldogs for sale in California.

Why health screening matters

In recent years, the impact of genetic conditions on dogs’ quality of life has become much more well known. A health screening ensures your dog’s life won’t be cut short by undetected genetic illnesses. It can also help make sure you won’t be dealing with chronic ailments for the rest of the dog’s life.

If you want to AKC show or breed your dog, a health screening also guarantees that you’ll also be raising healthy litters in the future. Finding a top place with French bulldogs for sale ensures your new dog has the best start in life.

French bulldogs!

Where the puppies are raised is important

When you buy from a pet store or adopt from a shelter, you have no way to know where the puppies were raised. Being born and growing up in a home as part of a breeder’s family is essential for healthy socialization and confidence-building.

When puppies are born in kennels or shelters, they don’t get the early interactions with people that give them the confidence to go out and explore the world. Breeders with French bulldogs for sale who raise the parent dogs and litters as part of their family give puppies critical early socialization. The result is happy, playful, trainable dogs.

Make sure you can see and meet the parents

Just like kids aren’t perfect copies of their parents, puppies won’t be identical to their parents. Every dog has a unique personality, but meeting the parents can give you an idea of their essential traits. Are they goofy and playful? Reserved and stoic? Your puppy will likely interact with the world the same way their parents do, so make sure you connect with the mom and dad dog.

When you meet a breeder’s dogs, you can also see the care that they give their pets. Dogs who live in a breeder’s home, as opposed to a kennel, will be well-socialized and great family pets. Litters raised outside or in pens may be harder to housetrain and less comfortable indoors at first. There are always unexpected challenges with raising a puppy, so make sure you give yourself the best start possible.

Find French bulldogs for sale from AKC-registered breeders.

The top place to find a French bulldog for sale is from a responsible, AKC-registered breeder. When a breeder takes the time to register their dogs, you know they’re committed not only to the well-being of their animals but of the breed in general. Suppose you think you might want to compete in dog shows, obedience, or agility. In that case, it’s essential to have an AKC-registered dog.

Royal Empire French Bulldogs provides California with health-screened French bulldog puppies for sale.

We have over two decades of experience breeding purebred brachycephalic dogs. Our goal is to raise healthy, social, confident puppies who will be ideal companions for your family. That’s why we import European bloodlines, perform genetic screening on all our breeding dogs, and provide detailed health contracts for new owners. All our dogs live in our home as loved members of our family. Every puppy gets individualized attention from the moment they’re born until they go to live in your home.

Want to add a Frenchie puppy to your family? Read over our health contract and place a deposit for one of our French bulldogs for sale in California.

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