Finding the Right California French Bulldog Kennel for Your Dog

Everyone needs their own private space where they can go to relax and recharge, and your pet is no different. Buying a French bulldog kennel in California can help you provide a safe and secure place for your pup, as well as help train them. The best kennels combine a sense of coziness and a place that belongs to them.

Kennels are often used when house training puppies because most dogs will not soil their space if they can help it. It’s the same for puppies who are going through a chewing phase.

In this article, we’ll go over how to find and buy the best French bulldog kennel in California.

What’s Your Puppy Like?

Knowing your French bulldog puppy can help you choose a safe and comfortable kennel for them. Here are a few questions to answer before you purchase a kennel for your pet.

  • How big is your dog? One of the top factors to consider when choosing a kennel is size. Your dog should be able to walk into its crate without crouching down and be able to comfortably turn around and shut the door. Because some dogs are usually taller when sitting, it’s okay if they cannot sit up all the way in the kennel, but they should have plenty of room to stand. To determine the correct kennel size, you should measure your dog’s height when standing and length. Then, add four inches to the dog’s measurements to determine the best dog crate size.
  • Will your dog grow? French bulldog puppies need a small space now, but they’ll need plenty of room as they grow bigger. If your new pet is still small, consider purchasing a kennel with divider panels. These prevent a dog from having too much space and can be adjusted as the puppy grows into the kennel.
  • Does your dog like to look around? Some dogs are naturally curious about their surroundings and like to see what’s around them. Think about whether your dog would do best in a covered create or a more open one.
  • Will your dog try to escape? Kennel usage and training go hand-in-hand with ensuring your dog feels safe and secure in its space. Although it could take some time, some dogs may try to chew their way out of a soft dog crate. And other dogs may break their toenails and teeth trying to escape the bars of a wire kennel.

As you make a decision on a kennel for your French bulldog puppy, you should also consider the size and layout of your home. Will you need to put your dog’s kennel away when it’s not in use? If you don’t have a lot of space, consider a collapsible create for easier storage. Some crates also come with multiple doors to give you flexibility when positioning the kennel in our home. And if your plan to use your kennel outside, look for water-resistant material.

Types of Dog Kennels

There are several different types of dog kennels. These include:

  • Wire dog crates
  • Dog crate furniture
  • Soft dog crates
  • Heavy-duty dog crates
  • Extra large dog crates

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