French Bulldog FAQs Answered by Breeders in SoCal

Bringing home a Frenchie is an exciting, momentous occasion. But you’re likely to have a lot of questions you want to be answered. As French Bulldog breeders in SoCal, we get several common questions from future Frenchie parents. So, we thought we’d answer some of them here for you on the Bulldog Blog.

What kind of temperament do French Bulldogs have?

French Bulldogs are one of the best companion dogs you can bring home. Their small size makes them easy to handle, and around other people and animals, they are generally well behaved. They love attention — especially from their owners — and have a reputation for being a little mischievous. That’s where their nickname “clown dogs” comes from!

French Bulldogs don’t need a lot of exercise, but still enjoy playing when the opportunity presents itself, making them a great choice for both single people and families alike.

While Frenchies are often calm, relaxed dogs, their overall temperament will depend on their upbringing, training, and socialization, not their genetics.

Are French Bulldogs good with children and other pets?

Proper socialization is important for all dogs, and Frenchies are no different. French Bulldogs, like other breeds of bulldogs, can have a stubborn streak and must be trained and socialized beginning as a puppy. With firm, consistent training, and good efforts for socializing, Frenchies do well with other dogs, animals, and children.

What kind of care should a French Bulldog receive?

Although Frenchies don’t need as much exercise as say, a German Shepard, they still thrive on a couple of short walks each day, as well as play sessions. However, rest assured that Frenchies live happily in both small apartments and homes with large backyards. The health and happiness of your Frenchie depend less on the size of your space, than the daily love and attention you provide.

During the summer, Frenchies shouldn’t be outside very long since they are prone to heatstroke — and be careful about choosing to let your Frenchie cool off in a pool! Frenchies simply cannot swim well or at all, and falling into a pool can put your dog in danger.

When it comes to grooming, regularly clean your Frenchies' ears and teeth to help keep them healthy, and avoid a diet of soft food that could contribute to dental decay.

Do Frenchies shed?

Throughout the spring and summer, Frenchies will shed a greater amount of their fur, while in winter, they’ll shed less. This is the natural shedding cycle for all dogs.

To help keep your Frenchie’s fur soft and healthy, use a very fine-bristled brush for removing excess fur that has become loose. Be sure to brush in the direction of your dog’s hair growth, and avoid putting too much pressure on the brush strokes.

Baths are also a great way to help a Frenchie who’s shedding and should be included as part of your regular grooming routine. Be careful not to get water in your dog’s ears.

Lastly, keeping your home clean with regular vacuuming will help keep your Frenchie’s coat clean and dust-free, as well as reduce the amount of dog hairs you find around the house.

How do I adopt a French Bulldog?

A French Bulldog should only be adopted from reputable breeders. As you’re choosing between breeders, visit the breeder’s location yourself, meet the mom and dad of the puppies, and ask for references from the breeder’s previous adopters.

If you’d like even more information about exactly what questions you should ask French Bulldog Breeders, you can check out our previous blog post here: Buying A Pedigree French Bulldog? Ask Breeders These Questions.

And, if you have any further questions for French Bulldog Breeders in SoCal, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today at Royal Empire French Bulldogs.

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