How Frenchie Stud Service Differs From Traditional Breeding

People who breed dogs–whether through traditional breeding or a Frenchie stud service––are passionate about raising dogs that represent the best aspects of their breed because they’re responsible for the health of future generations. There are many ways to tell you’ve found a breeder devoted to their litters’ wellness. Their breeding pairs are loved and cared for as part of the family. They offer health guarantees for all their services. And, they’re invested in the well-being of the puppies adopted from every litter.

In most cases, before adopting a dog from a breeder, you want to meet the dam and sire, or mother and father, to make sure they’re friendly, healthy, loved animals. But sometimes, the sire isn’t at the breeder’s home. If a Frenchie stud service created the litter, you might only meet the mother.

What is a Frenchie stud service?

Stud service when the owner of a male Frenchie offers their dog to other breeders to create a litter. It’s a way to outbreed your breeding program or create a litter of puppies with a champion dog. There are many ways breeders find available studs.

Contacting other breeders in the area

There are plenty of ways to get in contact with other Frenchie breeders in the area, from internet searches to social media groups and meet-up events. Experienced breeders keep an eye out for potential sires and tell their network of connections when they’re interested in a stud service for their next litter.

Attending dog shows

An easy and fun way to find champion French bulldogs to breed a dam is by attending dog shows and events. Check out agility and obedience competitions as well. Breeders often find healthy, active, social dogs and get the chance to meet potential sires at the same time.

Keep track of dog show winners

Stud services for the winners of national dog show competitions are often in high demand (and at a high cost). But winners of local and regional shows have exceptional pedigrees and are more accessible for Frenchie stud service.

How is Frenchie stud service different from traditional breeding?

In a traditional breeding program, the breeders own males and females that they pair in-house to create healthy puppies. By using many dogs, they prevent over breeding for the female and popular-sire syndrome.

If breeders use a single male too frequently, his genes dominate the genetic pool for the next generation of dogs. It can lead to inbreeding in the future and prevent healthy genes from other males contributing to the breed’s genetics in the long term.

Using a Frenchie stud service as part of a traditional breeding program protects the breed from the overdominance of one set of genes.

Should I get a puppy from a Frenchie stud service or traditional breeding?

The answer depends on what your hopes are for your new Frenchie puppy. Suppose you’re interested in showing and winning titles. In that case, you should pay close attention to both the mother and father of the litter to choose a champion dog.

If you’re looking for a family companion, whether your puppy is the product of a Frenchie stud service or traditional breeding doesn’t matter. The breeder will perform the same diligence with genetic testing and health and behavior screenings as they do before breeding their in-house dogs.

Make a reservation for the Royal Empire Frenchies stud service and breed your dam with a healthy, happy sire.

All of our sires at Royal Empire Frenchies are available for stud service. They live in our home as part of the family, ensuring you get a healthy, social dog with which to breed your Frenchie. We import our dogs from European bloodlines and genetically test every animal. Our bulldog sires have been outbred to eliminate breed faults and introduce the most favorable characteristics.

Regardless if you’re an experienced breeder looking to outsource your next litter or a family who wants their dog to experience motherhood, we’ll work with you to ensure a favorable outcome with our Frenchie stud service.

A dog that's part of a Frenchie stud service for breeding skater dogs.