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How Can I Keep My Puppy Warm? A Handy Guide for French Bulldog Puppies in Los Angeles CA

Are you looking for French Bulldog puppies in Los Angeles CA? Look no further. Here at Royal Empire French Bulldogs we believe in breeding healthy and happy puppies that will become part of your family and bring you many years of joy. We’ve created a stellar breeding program that ensures our puppies are well-socialized, well-tempered, and – most importantly – healthy.

Congratulations! After a long wait it’s finally time to bring your puppy home. We know how exciting it is to have your new fur baby, but it can also be a stressful time as everyone adjusts. A new puppy is a lot of fun, but also a lot of responsibility. Even though all our puppies are bred with health in mind, it's natural to worry about them, especially during the winter months.

Just like humans, French Bulldogs are sensitive to cold weather, so one of the best things you can do for your pup is keep him warm. No, you don’t have to give up your winter walks, but there are some precautions you can take. We’ve compiled a handy guide full of tips and tricks to keep your puppy warm when winter hits.

Keeping Your Frenchie Warm: Our Tips and Tricks

Thanks to his status as a brachycephalic breed and an inability to produce body heat very quickly, your French Bulldog is very sensitive to the weather. It’s likely that your puppy will experience a cold at some point, but extremely low temperatures can also mean freezing, frostbite, and hypothermia. Taking preventative measures could make all the difference to your Frenchie.

1. A warm place to sleep

French Bulldogs will often get colder at night, so if temperatures are starting to dip, give that dog an extra blanket or are two. Keep beds away from drafty areas near doors and windows or consider stocking up on snuggling time and letting the Frenchie snooze on your bed.

2. Pass on the ice water

Speaking of warm, it’s important to make sure his water isn’t too cold. Keep it tepid, as low-temperature water may exacerbate cold symptoms and irritate your puppy’s throat.

3. Stay inside on the worst days

When the temperature dips below 45⁰F, you don’t have to stay in but consider breaking out the jacket and boots. Under 25⁰F? Skip the walk this time and do some cuddling instead.

4. Break out the winter jacket

If you don’t want to give up all your winter walks then it’s time to invest in a good winter jacket – or maybe even two. There’s a wide variety of clothing for French Bulldogs available online so you’re sure to find something you love that will get the job done.

5. Protect the paws

What cuter than a Frenchie in a jacket? A Frenchie in boots! Because they’re in contact with the cold ground, your pup’s paws will be one of the first indicators that he’s getting too cold. Dog boots will keep the chill away while also protecting his sensitive feet from road salt and chemicals.

6. Avoid dampness

It’s fun to play in the snow but don’t let him wear it for long. After your walks make sure to rub your pup down to keep him dry.

7. Limit unnecessary car trips

If you think it’s cold when you get into your car first thing in the morning imagine how your Frenchie feels. It can be just as dangerous to leave your puppy in a cold car as it is to leave them in a hot one. Avoid leaving them in the car at all costs.

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We hope these tips and tricks will help you keep your puppy warm during the winter months. Remember, if your Frenchie is shivering, nesting, whining, or refusing to go outside, this could mean they are getting too cold. Listen to your puppy and help keep them warm – we promise they will love you for it. For more information about our business and our puppies visit our websiteor our Bulldog Blog. We look forward to hearing from you!

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