How to Choose a California French Bulldog Breeder

Before you start the process of choosing the perfect puppy for your family, you have to choose a responsible, ethical French bulldog breeder in California. Every breeder has pictures of adorable litters of puppies. Still, it’s crucial to conduct more in-depth research to ensure you get a social, confident puppy that will be healthy for the rest of its life. You should also feel comfortable talking to the breeder. They’re experts in French bulldogs and can offer you expert guidance with house training, nutrition, and socialization. Here are some tips for choosing a California French bulldog breeder for the perfect puppy to join your family.

Make sure they health test their dogs.

Unfortunately, due to irresponsible over-breeding, many French bulldogs are prone to health problems ranging from skin conditions to issues with their eyesight to joint problems. These issues can compromise the quality of life for your dog and add up to expensive vet bills for owners.

Genetic health testing ensures that dogs used for breeding won’t pass on genes that cause common health problems. Royal Empire French Bulldogs is committed to improving the overall health and condition of the breed, so we bring in European breeding lines for healthier dogs.

Ask if they’re AKC registered puppies.

You need an AKC-registered puppy to participate in any activities and competitions as part of the American Kennel Club. AKC qualification requires both parents of the dog to be registered as well.

With a registered puppy, you get 30 days of puppy insurance, a complimentary vet visit and are eligible to participate in obedience, agility, and dog shows!

Read the contract before committing to buying a puppy.

Every responsible breeder will have a contract. It will outline the obligations of the breeder and the new puppy owner. It should detail the conditions that the health screening checks for and describe the health care and nutrition the owner must provide to the puppy.

Choose a breeder that guarantees to accept the puppy back in case of significant changes in your life, as these are breeders invested in the well-being of all the puppies they raise. You also get the peace of mind that your dog won’t end up in a shelter no matter what happens.

Meet the parents of your puppy.

One of the best ways to make sure a particular breed or breeder will be a good fit for your lifestyle is by meeting your puppy’s parents. You’ll get an idea of the personality and temperament of your future dog and get to see where the dogs live at the breeders.

Choose a breeder whose dogs live in their home instead of the backyard or kennel. Puppies who are born and grow up in a home are better socialized, more confident, and can be easier to train.

Find out what payment they accept for their puppies.

Be cautious about breeders that only accept cash payments or pressure you into buying a puppy by threatening “other interested parties.” A responsible breeder operates as a legitimate business and will take a variety of payment methods.

Royal Empire French Bulldogs needs a modest downpayment to hold a puppy, so you never feel rushed deciding on buying a dog. We offer payment plans and require full payment before the puppy is picked up or delivered.

Royal Empire French Bulldogs strives to be the premier French bulldog breeder in California.

We have decades of experience breeding purebred dogs and now devote our lives to happy, healthy French bulldogs. We import our breeding dogs from Europe to diversify the genetics of California bulldogs and ensure every puppy we sell is free from hereditary conditions. Our dogs are our family. They live and raise their puppies in our home, where we socialize the young pups and give them the best possible start in life.

We know how important it is to find a breeder you trust. If you have more questions about Royal Empire and our upcoming litters, reach out to our California French bulldog breeders with our online form.

How to choose a California French bulldog breeder to get a dog like this one.