How to find a reputable French bulldog breeder

When you’re adding a new puppy to your family, it’s just as important to find a pup with a healthy pedigree as it is a good breeder. At Royal Empire French Bulldogs, we understand this and want to make sure that you find the right breeder for your family and your puppy. To do this, we’ve put together a few items that are meant to help you know how to find a reputable French bulldog breeder.

Ask your friends

If you have friends who got a dog from a breeder, ask them what they looked for in a breeder and some of the qualities they found to be comforting. Get information about the breeder themselves as well as some of their practices. If you have a friend who has a French bulldog, ask where they got their dog and what made them choose that breeder over others.

Know what you should pay

Many purebred dogs can be expensive pups. The costs associated with breeding that include artificial insemination and the likelihood of a c-section will drive the price up quickly. Additionally, breeders can charge more for Frenchies that come from a good pedigree. If you’re working with a breeder who’s going to give you a bargain and charge under $1,000, beware. This could either be a scam or someone who’s going to sell you an unhealthy dog.

Ask how long they’ve been breeding Frenchies

A breeder should have experience with more than one dog breed over the years. While they likely specialize in breeding a single type of dog, experience with other breeds will help to prepare them for times when there are less-than-healthy puppies or other problems that arise.

Get enough information about the pups

A breeder who’s experienced in working with dams, sires, and pups will be able to provide you with in-depth information about the breeding process as well as recommendations for you once you bring your puppy home. Be sure to ask how long the breeder prefers to keep the puppies at their location until you can take them home. Additionally, breeders will often make themselves available for you as a reference even after you’ve brought your new addition home.

Get references from previous customers

When it comes to working with a breeder, you don’t have to go in blind. After you’ve spoken to them yourself, ask if you can speak with other owners they’ve worked with. You can find out more information regarding the breeder and learn more about the process from an outside source. Yes, a reputable breeder will be forthright and honest, but it can difficult to provide a complete picture of the process from start to finish from the inside. Someone who has worked with the breeder can do this for you.

Have a video chat

It’s normal to want to see the pups before you make your final purchase. A reputable breeder will understand this and be willing to do a video chat with you should you request one. If there’s nothing to hide about the health of the pups, the quantity of the litter, or the living conditions of the dogs, then a video chat shouldn’t be a problem.

Contact us to get started

If you want to learn more about Royal Empire French Bulldogs and our breeding process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for information. We’re confident we can help you in your research on how to find a reputable French bulldog breeder. Give us a call today at 714-306-8656 or send a message using our contact form. We’ll be sure to get back to you promptly.

How to find a reputable French bulldog breeder