Buy a Male or Female Puppy From a French Bulldog Breeder?

Picking a companion animal for your way of life takes time. Considering there are 300 recognized breeds with unique qualities and requirements, it can take time to find a dog that matches your lifestyle. When pet ownership doesn’t work out, it’s often because people picked a dog breed based on looks, trends, or because of an impulse purchase.

Even if someone loves their dog, if their lifestyle isn’t well-suited for the breed, it can cause stress and give rise to unwanted behaviors. A French bulldog breeder can give you essential insight into if a puppy is a good fit for your lifestyle.

Get to know the French bulldog’s qualities and attributes.

French bulldogs belong to the Non-Sporting Group. Unlike the Working Group, Terrier Group, or Herding Group, the breeds in this group don’t share a unified set of characteristics. Instead, they’re the dogs that don’t fit in well with any of the other groups. Some of the other breeds include the poodle, the dalmatian, and the chow-chow.

Without group characteristics, look at the individual breeds to get an idea of who your future puppy will become.

French bulldogs are identifiable by their squat, muscular bodies and “bat ears” that stand out from their round heads. A few of their most notable qualities:

  • Intelligent, bright, and alert
  • Friendly and adaptable
  • Doesn’t require much outdoor exercise

They’re vastly popular for city living and growing families because of this unique combination of qualities.

Should you choose a male or female puppy?

When you’re selecting a French bulldog breeder, get to know the dams and sires that belong to their breeding program. You can browse the upcoming litters at Royal Empire French Bulldogs to see the parents of future puppies.

Parents and environment play a more significant role when it comes to personality than the sex of the dog. A French bulldog breeder will give you a clear idea of the parents’ personalities or the qualities they noticed in puppies from previous litters.

There isn’t a significant difference in the physical appearance between the sexes. However, males get slightly larger than females. All French bulldogs weigh under 28 pounds:

  • Males typically 11 to 12 inches high and weigh 24 to 28 pounds.
  • Females are typically 10 to 11 inches tall and weigh 18 to 24 pounds.

Individuals may produce smaller or larger puppies, but this is a general rule. Both males and females live around 10 to 14 years.

More about male French bulldog puppies.

Most French bulldog breeders agree male puppies are more rebellious, playful, and unruly. While they can be more energetic, their moods are more stable, especially when neutered. They can be more defiant of their owners and stubborn during the first months after coming into their new home.

More about female French bulldog puppies.

While female puppies are more timid and shy, they’re also a lot more affectionate and cuddly. They don’t enjoy being teased and are more vocal when their boundaries are pushed. Some breeders say that female dogs are easier to train, but the perceived ease is likely because of their more docile nature.

We’re Southern California’s experienced French bulldog breeder.

Throughout our 20 years of breeding champion French bulldogs, we’ve stayed committed to producing happy, healthy, well-loved puppies. Whether you decide a male or female is right for your family, we have gorgeous puppies available throughout the year. You can reserve your pup at birth, and we provide payment plans.

All our breeding dogs are DNA tested to ensure no genetic illnesses. Over the years, we’ve introduced European bloodlines to minimize breed faults and highlight the breed’s most favorable characteristics. Get in touch to learn about available puppies or when the next litter will become available.

French bulldog breeders can help you find the best friend of a lifetime.