Dispelling 5 myths about French bulldogs from a breeder in California

There are often generalizations that are made about dog breeds that turn into what most people consider to be true. Every breed has them, so we’re here to help dispel some of these common myths about French Bulldogs. As a French Bulldog breeder in California, we’re experts on the breed at Royal Empire French Bulldogs and can provide you with the information you’re looking for.

Myth: they can’t swim

It’s not in the nature of every dog breed to swim, and Frenchies happen to be one of those breeds. Frenchies do carry the vast majority of their weight on their shoulders which makes it difficult for them to swim naturally. However, you can teach your French bulldog how to swim by using a life vest.

Myth: they’re expensive

Like beauty, the expense is in the eye of the beholder. Are French bulldogs more expensive on average than other common breeds like a Labrador? Yes, they are because there’s much more involved with the breeding process of French bulldogs than other dogs. Frenchies typically require artificial insemination and a c-section, while a Labrador can breed and give birth naturally. However, like most things, the market will dictate the price for Frenchies that come from a breeder. In some areas of the country, they’re going to be less expensive than in others because of the number of litters available to fulfill the demand for puppies.

Myth: they’re not smart

Some breeds are more adept at learning commands and tricks than others. Frenchies are one of those dogs as they can start learning as early as a few weeks old and will continue to learn new commands later in life. They can start learning to be housebroken before they leave their mom and go to a new family and the families who adopt them typically have no problems making a transition. As with any dog, the more time and effort you put into training your French bulldog, the better results you’ll see.

Myth: they’re always sick

It’s common for many dogs with short snouts to have breathing problems because of the shape of their airways. Although, this doesn’t mean that they’re constantly sick. You might hear them breathing more often and they’ll snore at night, but they’re not congested or ill. Moreover, they’re similar to other short-hair breeds in that they can have trouble regulating body temperature, so as an owner, you must make sure to keep them cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

Myth: they don’t make good guard dogs

Some dogs are fearless and others are overly friendly and want to be loved by everyone they come in contact with. French bulldogs have a reputation to be more of the latter. You’re not going to get a ferocious protector with a French bulldog, but you can be confident in your dog’s ability to alert you to an intruder as they’ll bark enough to wake you up in the middle of the night if necessary.

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Dispelling 5 myths about French bulldogs from a breeder in California