AKC Purebred French Bulldog Breeders vs. Backyard Breeders

French bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds in America thanks to their playful and intelligent personalities, compact size, and modest exercise requirements. With their soaring popularity have come inexperienced and unscrupulous backyard breeders who see the demand for these dogs as an opportunity to make a profit. Choosing a reputable breeder is one of the most critical choices you can make to get a happy, healthy dog. Here are some of the top reasons to choose an AKC purebred French bulldog breeder over a backyard breeder.

Understanding AKC registration

AKC stands for American Kennel Club; it’s a national regulatory organization for purebred dogs. They have a registry for all purebred breeds in the United States, tracing the lineage of champion dogs back to 1884.

The AKC’s mission is to uphold breed integrity for their stated functions––even if that’s as a companion animal as in the case of the French bulldog.

AKC registration assures the health and heritage of a puppy. It enables you to enter your dog into a wide range of AKC activities, from dog shows to obedience competitions and agility.

You get a health-guaranteed puppy.

One of the most significant uncertainties in getting a new puppy is potential health conditions in the future. Anything from allergies to hip dysplasia and luxating patellas can mean expensive food, supplements, medication, and even surgery. Besides the expense, there’s also the discomfort and stress a dog faces while overcoming health issues.

Reputable purebred French bulldog breeders are passionate about the health and wellness of the breed. They’re dedicated to eliminating health issues from their litters to produce happy dogs as lifetime companions.

Your breeder should provide a health guarantee that shows they’ve evaluated the parents’ health, and they’re free from genetic conditions they could pass on to the litter.

The breeders know the personalities of the parents.

Backyard breeders often try to sell a litter of puppies that happened by accident or were bred purely for profit. They may or may not know the father’s breed and do not know about his vet records or personality.

Backyard breeders sometimes create litters of two different breeds, claiming it’s a “designer breed.” The AKC doesn’t recognize designer dogs because there are no standards for breed characteristics.

Purebred French bulldog breeders can tell you how big the dog will get and the parents’ personalities. The more information you have, the better able you are to choose a puppy that’s right for your lifestyle.

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You have the option of AKC registering your dog.

Even if you’re not interested in showing your French bulldog and earning championship titles, registering your purebred puppy with the AKC has many benefits. You’ll be able to take part in AKC activities like obedience, agility, and field trials. You also get:

  • A frameable certificate and your dog’s name recorded in the registry that goes back almost 150 years
  • Lifetime recovery services and an AKC tag
  • 30 days of pet insurance and a complimentary first vet visit with an AKC recommended veterinarian

Royal Empire is a purebred French bulldog breeder in Jurupa Valley, CA, providing healthy puppies nationwide.

We breed French bulldogs simply because we love these dogs. With over 15 years of experience raising and working with brachycephalic breeds, we know how important a dog’s health is to them leading long, happy lives. Our priority is the wellness and happiness of every puppy in every litter. We offer AKC-registered dogs that highlight the best aspects of the breed. We know firsthand what remarkable family companions French bulldogs are and have dedicated ourselves to sharing the experience of these dogs as family pets with our customers.

Whether you’re a first-time dog owner or a long-time French bulldog lover, we offer support and guidance for owning a Royal Empire French Bulldog. See our purebred French bulldog puppies and upcoming litters to reserve your new best friend.

Image of a puppy purchased from a purebred French bulldog breeder standing in front of an apartment building at dusk.