Questions for Frenchie Breeder Before You Sign a Contract

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new puppy. No matter the California Frenchie breeder you work with, the puppies will be cute and cuddly. But even more important than finding a dog with the ideal temperament is one bred for a long and healthy life. When you’re researching where to get a French bulldog, you must speak with the breeder. They will be a resource during your puppy’s first months at home, so you want to feel comfortable reaching out to them with any questions you have, from tips for house training to what you should feed your new dog. Before you pick out a puppy, here are some of the top questions you should ask your California Frenchie breeder before signing a contract.

Where do the dogs live?

Some breeders keep dogs outside or in a kennel for breeding. Research has shown many benefits to litters born and raised in the home. They’re better socialized, have less anxiety, and can even be easier to train than puppies born in a kennel.

Early socialization is vital for confident, happy dogs. Breeders who raise dogs outside or in a kennel may be less concerned with raising exceptional Frenchies and more concerned with making money.

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Are the dogs health tested?

Health testing can take many forms but usually includes genetic testing. French bulldogs are prone to hereditary conditions affecting their skin, eyes, mobility, and breathing. Now, California Frenchie breeders are more concerned with contributing to the future health and wellness of the breed than creating litters of puppies to sell.

The French bulldog breeder you choose should health test their dogs to ensure all their puppies are ready for long, healthy lives.

What is the purchasing process?

You want to make sure you feel comfortable with the purchase process. If a breeder asks for cash or rushes you to make a decision, it’s probably wise to keep looking for a new Frenchie breeder. A new dog is a commitment for the rest of the dog’s life and shouldn’t be rushed.

At Royal Empire French Bulldogs, we take PayPal and credit card payments on our website. You can put a hold on a puppy with a modest deposit and establish a payment plan. Before taking your new family member home, the purchase amount must be paid in full.


What does the purchase contract include?

The purchase contract should outline the responsibilities of the breeder and the buyer. It’s essential to read and understand the agreement and ask questions about what you don’t understand. There’s nothing quite as cute as a French bulldog puppy, and it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new dog. The contract outlines the practicalities of puppy ownership.

The contract should also outline what to do in the first weeks when your puppy’s home––like getting an exam from your vet. And, what you should do if you can’t take care of your dog anymore––whether the breeder will accept the dog back.

Royal Empire French Bulldogs is California’s Frenchie breeder of choice for happy, healthy puppies.

Our dogs are our family at Royal Empire. All our Frenchies live in our home, spending time playing, exploring, and socializing so they can raise confident, happy puppies to join your family. We’re located in gorgeous Southern California but import our dogs from Europe to support our vision of a healthier French bulldog breed. To that end, we DNA test all our breeding dogs. We ensure they’re clear of genetic issues so the families that purchase our puppies never have to deal with debilitating, unexpected conditions.

We’re a resource for people to discover their love of Frenchies––we think everyone should have at least one Frenchie in their life! Reach out through our online form to get your questions answered by California Frenchie breeders.

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