5 reasons AKC French bulldog puppies make great pets

If you’re looking to make an addition to your house by buying a new pet, AKC French bulldog puppies are a great choice. Of course, we’re biased at Royal Empire French Bulldogs, but we can give you plenty of reasons Frenchies make excellent pets. Read our guide below for five of those reasons.

1. They’re entertaining.

French bulldogs are sometimes referred to as clown dogs. This nickname comes as a result of their nature to do silly things. Like most dogs, Frenchies are naturally curious, but their stout bodies can sometimes get in the way of their activities. You’ll love watching your French bulldog puppy sashay around your house with the confidence of a much larger dog in a compact body.

2. They’re friendly and social.

Some dog breeds can be skittish or shy. Other dogs can get defensive and display unnecessary aggressiveness in social situations, which can be dangerous for your dog and others around it. French bulldogs are not like this. They’ll take to a dog park like a duck to water and be running with the rest of the neighborhood pack in no time. You can be confident that your dog will play nice with others without causing any problems.

3. They’re adaptable.

Not everybody has the space available in their home or a backyard where a dog can run free and get the exercise it needs. Fortunately, Frenchies don’t need a large backyard or square footage in your home to get their daily exercise. You can live in a small, one-bedroom apartment in the middle of the city, and your French bulldog puppy will be able to adapt to the space and live comfortably and happily. Their ability to live in small quarters makes Frenchies popular with both city dwellers and suburbanites alike because you don’t have to have a massive house to accommodate them.

4. They’re great with kids.

Anybody who has a family will often consider the temperament of a breed of dog before making a final decision because it’s important the dog is going to be good with kids. Not every dog breed can handle the stress of kids running around the house or being aggressive with them. French bulldogs have shown to be patient and good-natured with kids as they learn how to treat their furry friends. Having a dog is also a great way to teach kids responsibilities like feeding, walking, and bathing their pets.

5. They’re low-maintenance.

French bulldogs are a relatively low-key breed of dog. It’s normal to be hesitant to choose a dog from a small breed because some can be too high-energy and make everyone in the house antsy. However, Frenchies don’t need to be running around all day. In fact, they prefer to spend their time sitting with their owners on the couch than chasing a laser pointer.

French bulldogs also have a smooth coat with short, thin hair that’s easy to care for. Yes, your French bulldog will shed twice a year, but you never have to worry about its fur matting or tangling after a bath.

Reach out for more.

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5 reasons AKC French bulldog puppies make great pets