Benefits of Choosing Royal Empire French Bulldogs as Your Breeder

French Bulldogs are wonderful companions. Friendly, loyal, and calm, this delightful breed thrives on human interaction and will quickly become loyal to their pet parents. Requiring little maintenance because of their short hair and low energy, French Bulldogs are simply a great addition to one’s family. They even get along great with children!

However, not all French Bulldog breeders will offer the same level of care and commitment to the Frenchies they breed. Poorly socialized Frenchies aren’t just shy, they can sometimes be aggressive. And inexperienced breeders may prioritize a Frenchie's appearance over their long-term health.

That’s why choosing an experienced French Bulldog breeder like Royal Empire French Bulldogs comes with so many benefits.

We Spoil Our Frenchies

Early enrichment is critical for a Frenchie’s temperament. When no effort is made to socialize a French Bulldog, they can be fearful of people and other animals, and can also be aggressive. Properly socialized French Bulldogs are calm, relaxed, and happy companions.

At Royal Empire French Bulldogs, we put a lot of effort into socializing our Frenchies. Our puppies stay with their mothers until their adoption, they receive daily interaction from us, and they are socialized to be comfortable around other dogs and animals. We also potty train our puppies, socialize them with children, and crate train them as well.

Each of our puppies is given the very best so that they will be healthy and loyal companions in their forever homes.

We’re Committed to Their Health

French Bulldogs are genetically prone to a variety of health conditions. Especially breathing problems. Oftentimes, it’s because of improper breeding that a Frenchie will develop health issues. That’s why we conduct thorough DNA tests on both our male and female breeding dogs. That way, we can carefully find and select two Frenchies that will complement each other’s traits.

What’s more, we import European French Bulldogs from champion bloodlines and introduce them into our breeding program so only the most favorable characteristics are passed onto our pups.

Frenchies deserve to live the happiest, healthiest lives possible — that’s why we are so committed to their well-being. We take important steps to ensure the long-term health of our puppies, and we also offer a 2-year health guarantee that covers genetic illnesses.

Our Customer Service

We want our Frenchies to be the perfect addition to your family. That’s why we prioritize customer service in everything we do. Each of our puppies is microchipped, vaccinated, and has a certificate of health you’ll receive. Additionally, our puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club and have a Breed Club Registration. To help welcome them into your home, we even send along a food starter bag for your pup!

Furthermore, if you’re unable to travel to California to pick up your Frenchie, we can have your puppy flown to you with a chaperone. Your puppy would be in the plane’s cabin with a flight nanny beside them the entire way.

Over 20 Years of Experience

For 20 years, Royal Empire’s founder, Milla, has been prioritizing the health and happiness of French Bulldog puppies from a place of love, and dedication. Coming from a background as a medical professional, Milla has strived to create a breeding program that allows Frenchies to be at their best in terms of both their health and temperament.

Inexperienced breeders not only cut corners on the health of their puppies, they simply don’t offer the same level of care and genuine commitment to the French Bulldog breed as Royal Empire.

Ready to Welcome a New Member to Your Family?

Contact Royal Empire French Bulldogs today to learn more about our breeding process. Or you can visit our website and view our currently available puppies!

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