What Information Should You Expect Top Frenchie Breeders to Provide before Purchasing a Puppy?

French bulldogs are one of the more popular breeds among dog lovers. But if you wish to get a French bulldog, there are several things you will need to be aware of before you bring one into your home. Since they belong to the brachycephalic dog breed, they require special care and attention.

We’ll explain what to look for when buying a French bulldog puppy, plus what questions you should ask top Frenchie breeders.

What to Know Before Buying a French Bulldog

Before you purchase a French bulldog puppy, there are a few things you will want to find out from top Frenchie breeders. These include:

  • Asking if the pups are up to date on vaccines. Puppies are expected to get their first vaccination when they are 50-60 days old. They should also get the vaccination for flea and worming treatment when they are six to eight weeks old. You must verify that the breeder has administered these vaccinations. You can confirm this by requesting the paperwork.
  • Health clearance certificate. When getting the puppy, it’s essential to confirm that the parents are healthy. This can be verified by reviewing the health checks performed in the past. Usually breeders perform wellness checks, typically performed by a veterinary surgeon. These checkups include tests for stenotic nares, elongated soft palate, ocular cataract test, hip dysplasia, cherry eyes, and deafness tests. They are usually carried out via MRI and CT scans.
  • Breeding frequency. It’s essential to be aware of the breeding frequency of the breeder. Typically, females should only have one litter per year. If a breeder has more than one French bulldog, it’s important they have only one pregnant female at a time so that they can get prime attention.
  • Age of the parents and medical check. Genetic conditions in brachycephalic dogs do not present until they are two to three years old. Ask the breeder whether the parents are in that range and if they have any diseases.

Questions to Ask a French Bulldog Breeder

In addition, there are other things you should check and ask top Frenchie breeders about before you choose a pup to take home:

  • Make sure your breeder is knowledgeable. You will want to ensure that your breeder has extensive experience handling French bulldog puppies. In addition to speaking with them, ask for references and conduct online research into breeders if possible.
  • Keep an eye on the price. Be wary if you are given an extremely low price for a French bulldog puppy, as this can be a sign of an unhealthy puppy.
  • Ask where the puppies have been living. You will want to find out where the puppies have been taken care of. If they’ve been hidden away in a basement or garage, they won’t have as much experience dealing with human contact and could be trickier to train.
  • Ask how often the puppies have been handled. The more the pups have been around other people, the better. This will make them easier to train when you bring them home to your family.

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