What to ask and where to buy French bulldogs

Anytime you’re planning on making a new addition to your family, you must be adequately prepared. When it comes to getting a puppy, this preparation involves much more than simply buying a bed, food bowls, and toys for your puppy. You need to be educated about where your furry family member is coming from. At Royal Empire French Bulldogs, we can help you get informed by providing important questions you should ask as well as understand where to buy French bulldogs.

What’s the breeding frequency?

It’s an unfortunate part of the industry, but some breeders are simply in the process for the money and only want to find ways to maximize profits. These breeders will have their French bulldogs pregnant as often as possible. This is not good for the health of the mother dog or the pups.

Experts recommend that French bulldogs have just one litter a year. This allows plenty of time to heal, which also makes for healthier puppies when they’re born. Be sure to ask your breeder how often they impregnate their females because this is an easy way to find out if they’re giving their dogs (and your future dog) the care that they need.

How old are the parents?

Many dogs that are considered brachycephalic (this means “short-headed” and includes French bulldogs) are prone to genetic disorders. These disorders often don’t manifest themselves with French bulldogs until the dogs are about two to three years old. Ask the breeder how old the parent dogs are so you know whether or not there are genetic issues with the parents.

Can I meet the parent dogs?

Meeting the parents of your future French bulldog puppy gives you a good idea of the temperament your dog could have. If they’re hyperactive and not good around kids, you probably won’t want to bring a pup from that litter home to your kids. Additionally, it could be a red flag if the breeder doesn’t want you to meet the parents of the litter.

Have the puppies been vaccinated?

A French bulldog puppy can be brought home between eight and 12 weeks old. The first vaccinations (distemper and parvovirus) should be administered within the ages of six to eight weeks old. It’s important to ask the breeder about the vaccinations the puppy has already received as well as obtain the necessary records.

How many litters do you care for at once?

Even though the mom of the litter is likely still around to help care for the puppies, the breeder must be available to provide additional care and promote socialization within the litter. This can be difficult to manage if there are multiple litters in the home.

Is the mother dog present?

You can get a lot of information from having the mother dog around. From watching how she behaves to her weight and her cleanliness. You can get a strong idea of your puppy's current and future state by seeing what the mother looks as well as gaining an understanding of her temperament.

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What to ask and where to buy French bulldogs