Why are Frenchies the best? Here are our top 5 favorite characteristics of French bulldogs

As breeders of AKC French bulldogs in California, our team is lucky enough to spend the day cuddling with puppies and caring for them.

Our love of this special breed is what got us started with breeding dogs in the first place. Below, we’re counting down our top 5 favorite characteristics of French bulldogs:

1. Frenchies are great with kids

When you bring a new dog into the home, you want to make sure it will get along with the entire family, especially if you have young children. Frenchies love kids, and they’re the perfect furry companions for your little ones. Because their bodies aren’t as delicate as other small dogs, they’re even great with toddlers.

To make sure your Frenchie has a good temperament, it’s best to search for a breeder that specifically offers AKC registered puppies. These breeders typically have the best breeding practices and make sure their puppies are socialized at a young age. To find a qualified breeder in CA, just do a quick Google search for “French bulldog breeders California AKC,” and then make sure to read their reviews.

2. They have big personalities

What Frenchies lack in size they definitely make up for in personality. This breed is known for having tons of energy and charmingly stubborn personalities. If you’re looking for a loyal pup that is always up for playtime, Frenchies are the perfect choice.

Just a warning, though: you’re going to need a big toy budget for these cuties. They absolutely love toys, and will do everything they can to rip out the squeakers and stuffing as quickly as possible.

3. They’re entertaining

It’s not uncommon for French bulldogs to get a case of the “zoomies” for no apparent reason. Be prepared for your Frenchie to suddenly start zipping around in circles on the floor or on your furniture.

If you decide to get a Frenchie, its hard-headed personality and mischievous sense of humor will keep you entertained well beyond its puppy years.

4. Frenchies are surprisingly good watch dogs

French bulldogs aren’t known for being yappy like other smaller breeds, such as chihuahuas and Pomeranians. However, they do have a tendency to be territorial, and they will make it known that intruders are not welcome. While they typically don’t bark excessively, Frenchies have no problem altering you when someone is approaching your yard.

5. They’re very adaptable

French bulldogs do well in a variety of different living environments: apartments, homes, large families with kids, single-person households, and more. In terms of exercise, Frenchies are pretty low maintenance. They’re happy with a quick run outside or a daily walk.

Likewise, they have minimal grooming requirements beyond the basics. This makes them the perfect companion for nearly any household.

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