Why Get a Puppy from an AKC French Bulldog Breeder

When you're ready to get a dog, there are many ways to find a new best friend. You're faced with choosing between adopting from a shelter, going to a pet shop, getting a puppy from a breeder in your neighborhood, and finding a reputable AKC breeder. If you've decided that a French bulldog is the right breed for your lifestyle, where you get your puppy can make a huge difference in the health and life of the dog.

Shelters rarely have purebred French bulldogs, and you can't be sure about their potential health and behavioral problems. When you get a puppy from an AKC French bulldog breeder, you can trust that you're getting a healthy, socialized dog.

What is the AKC?

The American Kennel Club is a non-profit committed to dogs' health, welfare, and training. Since 1884 the AKC has shared information about raising healthy, happy dogs for pet owners, breeders, and dog professionals.

Because they're a non-profit, the AKC's motivation is the well-being of all dogs. They provide owners with clear, accurate information about how to support dogs to become confident, thriving family members.

How are AKC French bulldog breeders different from other breeders?

When breeders register with the AKC, they're committing to the responsibility of raising litters of dogs that meet breed standards. AKC French bulldog breeders have access to a wealth of resources for raising ideal puppies, from understanding dog genetics to supporting dog parents as they birth and raise litters.

Casual breeders have litters for many reasons, but there's no assurance the breeding pairs have been health tested. The puppies can't be registered with the AKC, meaning they aren't eligible for the variety of activities and programs provided by the Club.

What can you expect from an AKC breeder?

When you pick up your puppy from an AKC breeder, you also get registration paperwork for your puppy. AKC registration gives you and your dog access to things like agility, obedience trials, showing, and more. If you plan on breeding your dog in the future, registration with the AKC is an essential first step.

You can expect your AKC French bulldog breeder to use the best practices possible in breeding and raising your puppy. When people purchase from AKC breeders, they know that their puppy will not only be healthy but will meet the breed standards for French bulldogs.

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How are AKC-bred puppies different from amateur breeders?

While you can't say that every amateur breeder won't meet the same standards as AKC breeders, it's about getting peace of mind when you get a puppy. Chronic health problems that arise from a lack of genetic testing can not only be expensive to treat but can ultimately shorten your dog's life.

AKC French bulldog breeders are professionals with experience that makes a difference at every step of the breeding process. These breeders conduct health testing, raise puppies in their homes, and provide new dog owners with the support and resources to give puppies the best possible start in life.

Get your next puppy from California AKC breeders Royal Empire French Bulldogs.

Our dogs are our family. We're breeders with over 20 years of experience in brachycephalic dogs, now specializing in French bulldogs. Our goal is to raise puppies that will bring families years of joy and companionship. Our family takes the responsibility of breeding healthy puppies seriously by health testing and importing dogs from Europe to get new genetic lines into our program. Everything we do is to support our French bulldogs as happy, healthy, social family members for the rest of their lives.

While we don't have a waitlist for our puppies, we do take deposits for upcoming litters. When you work with an AKC French bulldog breeder like Royal Empire, you get peace of mind.

Image of puppies from an AKC French bulldog breeder.