Why You Should Consider a French Bulldog Puppy for Sale

If you add a puppy to your family, then you are bringing a loyal companion into your home that you can always love and who will unconditionally love you back. However, with so many different breeds to choose from, finding the perfect four-legged friend to bring into your home isn’t always easy. While we may be a bit biased, if you find a French Bulldog puppy for sale, you shouldn’t hesitate to seize the opportunity. That’s because these adorable little souls have numerous traits that make them the perfect addition to your life.

A Brief History of French Bulldogs

While their name would imply the breed originated in France, Frenchies are actually from England initially. At a general size of 12 inches tall and weighing in around 20 pounds, French Bulldogs were bred to be toy-sized versions of the Bulldog. They have large, square heads adorned with their trademark erect bat ears, and they sport plump wrinkles with an extremely short nose. Due to their small size and congenial sensitivities, this purebred breed was widely popular among lace workers in Nottingham during the 1800s. When these workers migrated to France for new work opportunities, they naturally took their loyal companions with them, and the French Bulldog only grew more popular among the masses. To this day, they're still one of the most highly sought dog breeds because of how amazing they are as pets.

Perks of Buying a French Bulldog Puppy for Sale

They have fantastic personalities.

Frenchies are the perfect new addition to your family because they are smart, fun-loving dogs who will always be a loyal companion. These adorable little critters have earned the nickname of “Frog Dogs” because of the funny way they lay on their tummies with their legs played out behind them like a frog. They also don’t make too much noise from barking. Instead, they like to communicate through playful growls, howls, yips, and yawns.

Frenchies make for exceptional watchdogs.

Despite their penchant to avoid barking under normal circumstances, French Bulldogs help alert their owners of any potential dangers. That’s because they tend to have a territorial side to their personalities. Once they call a place home, they are adamant about protecting it and everyone inside. So if you hear your Frenchie start to bark, it’s usually a clear indication that they’re trying to alert you to someone’s presence.

French Bulldogs are the perfect companion for young children.

If you have kids in the house or plan on adding one to your growing family, searching for a French Bulldog puppy for sale makes sense. They have been bred specifically for companionship, and once they bond with your children, they’ll always be a loyal guardian for them. They’re also very playful, which is fun for kids, but they know how to be gentle so no one will get hurt. With especially young children, it always helps to have a puppy who is calm and patient, and these are virtues French Bulldogs have in spades.

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