Everything You Need to Know About California Frenchies

Are you thinking about bringing home a California Frenchie? Here’s everything you’ll want to know about French bulldogs.

Characteristics of French Bulldogs

French bulldogs are small, stocky dogs that closely resemble one of their ancestors, the English bulldog. French bulldogs are easily recognized by their wrinkly faces, short noses, and big bat-like ears. Most commonly, Frenchies are white, brindle, and fawn, and they often have markings. Their coats are noticeably smooth and short.

While standing, a French bulldog will be around 11-13 inches tall, and on average, both males and females weigh under 28 pounds. Although they are small and short, French bulldogs are stronger than they look! They’re also quite intelligent.

Of course, it’s both their appearance and their temperament that attract people to the French bulldog breed.

Their Temperament

Smart, calm, and playful, French bulldogs are revered as great companions for families of all sizes. These “bullies” are often sociable and get along well with other dogs and animals. When properly socialized, they are also loving companions for children.

Their naturally low energy means they don’t require a lot of high maintenance, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t love to play! Short walks or active play sessions in the backyard each day are perfect activities for French bulldogs.

French bulldogs have a distinctly big, but laid-back personality, and they can have a bit of an independent streak. Training them early and often is best for Frenchies, because even though they are relatively easy to train, as they get older, training can be more challenging (just like with any dog!)

Training a French Bulldog

As loyal and loving as French bulldogs often are, they can be a little stubborn, so training should be started as early as possible. Frenchies should also be socialized at an early age to help them learn how to be around other people and animals.

Keep training sessions short, but productive, and try to train regularly throughout the week when you’re teaching your Frenchie new tricks or behaviors. 5-minute sessions a few days a week are often better than one 20-minute session a week. Make a game out of training with treats as rewards for good behavior, and try to be firm, but patient. While Frenchies are natural people-pleasers, they’ll still need to learn cues and good habits to feel confident and become even better companions!

Make training a daily routine, and you’ll see great results from your Frenchie!

Grooming and Health Needs

Frenchies are genetically predisposed to health conditions. Being a flat-faced breed, Frenchies often have difficulties with their breathing. And since they’re a smaller breed, they can easily become overweight. Like other dog breeds, they’ll need their nails trimmed regularly, and despite their shorter coats, will still need consistent grooming to feel comfortable.

French bulldogs should avoid extended periods in hot and humid weather, and they should always be monitored around water. While a pool might be a way to keep your pups cool in the summer, Frenchies are not the best swimmers. It can be hard for a Frenchie to keep their noses above water, and their shorter legs can have a difficult time supporting their bodies.

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Everything You Need to Know About California Frenchies