Buying a Pedigree French Bulldog? Ask Breeders These Questions

French Bulldogs are an incredible addition to your family. They’re great with kids, playful pups, gentle in nature, and are intelligent companions. So if you’re thinking about bringing one into your family — you’ve made an excellent decision!

However, to make sure your new furry family member is healthy, has the ideal temperament, and that you understand the exact needs of a Pedigree French Bulldog, you’ll want to prepare a few questions for the breeders you meet with.

How are the Puppies Socialized?

French Bulldogs, not unlike other breeds of dogs, need adequate socialization when they’re young. Failing to socialize a French Bulldog means that the pup is more likely to be aggressive, shy, or challenging to train. Not to mention that if you have other dogs or animals, an unsocialized French Bulldog may not get along with them. Even though socialized Frenchies are great with other dogs!

To find out how well a Frenchie may have been socialized, ask about where the puppies have been raised and how often they’ve been handled. If a French Bulldog was raised outside in a kennel with very little human interaction, that’s a clear sign of a breeder to avoid.

In addition, a pup should be handled often throughout the day, and it’s best if more than one person handles them. This way, the pup gets used to interacting with different people — and learns to enjoy the interactions as well!

At Royal Empire French Bulldogs, we keep all of our puppies in our home where they receive lots of daily attention from our family.

Are the Puppies Vaccinated / Health Tested?

Of course, you’ll want to be sure the breeder has the long-term health of their puppies in mind. This means making sure the puppies receive the appropriate vaccinations at the right time, as well as having health tests performed for common conditions.

Frenchies, while technically the healthiest out of all “bully breeds”, are still prone to several health conditions that breeders should anticipate and proactively prepare for. What’s more, certain breeders may simply prioritize the appearance of their Frenchies over their health.

When meeting with breeders, be sure to ask about the health history of the pups (and their parents!) and ask for copies of the health clearance certificates. With this in mind, you’ll also want to take the time to meet the parents.

Can I Meet the Parents?

It’s important to meet the parents of French Bulldog puppies for several reasons. First, genetic health conditions in Frenchies typically do not develop until after the puppy has reached two or three years of age.

So if the parents are younger than that, you may not know if your puppy will develop a health issue later on. Furthermore, by meeting the parents, you can see how a breeder treats their dogs, and get insight into what the puppy may be like in the future.

If the mother behaves well and is friendly, it’s much more likely that her pups will be as well.

Could I Talk to a Former Customer?

If you’re able to, it’s not a bad idea to connect with past customers of the breeder. Even better if you can visit a former customer’s Frenchie!

Also, be sure to check for testimonials on the breeder’s website, and read through reviews from their past customers. That way, you have a clear idea of the quality of their puppies, what support you could expect to receive from the breeder throughout the process, and even how smooth purchasing the puppy is.

Royal Empire French Bulldogs: Experienced Breeders Who Can Answer All Your Questions And More

At Royal Empire French Bulldogs, our priority as breeders is healthy, happy Pedigree Frenchies. We DNA test all of our Frenchies, give them the very best socialization, and set them up to be ideal companions for your family.

If you have questions about our pups, we’re happy to answer them!

Buying a Pedigree French Bulldog? Ask Breeders These Questions